• Produces in latest technology and formula with a high holding capacity, economic and easy installation.
  • Rigid with high impact resistance with square threads are designed for the high load.
  • Special state of art designed ‘O’ ring prevents air and water leakages, dampen the vibrations and increase the life of the SulleX submersible pump, it makes 100 % leak-proof joint at high pump pressure.
  • Smooth wall improves the flow of the water by reducing the loss caused by friction and do not react with acidic and alkalis water.


  • Long Life
  • Less Electricity cost
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Resistance to chemical
  • Light Weight
  • Prevent bacterial growth
  • Easy to install
  • Nonconductor to heat – electricity
  • Continuous Flow
  • Non-toxic

Technical Data

Type & SizeUltimate Breaking Load (Kg)Safe Pulling Load (Kg)Safe Allowable Pressure (Kg/cm2)Safe Pump Installation (m)
Outer Diameter: 42mm (1 1/14")
Nominal Bore: 32mm
Outer Diameter: 60mm (2")
Nominal Bore: 50mm
Outer Diameter: 75mm (2 1/2")
Nominal Bore: 65mm
Outer Diameter: 88mm (3")
Nominal Bore: 80mm
Outer Diameter: 113mm (4")
Nominal Bore: 110mm
Outer Diameter: 140mm (5")
Nominal Bore: 125mm
Outer Diameter: 165mm (6")
Nominal Bore: 150mm